Extract GUID from a record in Dynamics365’s New User Interface (UI)

Easily extract a GUID from a record in Microsoft Dynamics365's New User Interface (UI) using a bookmark in your browser

The lifeblood to any record in Dynamics365 is its GUID or Globally Unique Identifier. Unfortunately, Dynamics365 does not provide an easy way to view the GUID for a particular record without using tools inside XRMToolbox. This tutorial will show you how to easily extract GUID from a record using just your browser.

Thankfully, Dynamic365’s new UI makes the process to extract GUID a little easier by providing the GUID of the currently viewed record in the browser URL where it previously didn’t in its legacy interface. Look for the &id= followed by the GUID of the record in your URL. If you find this to be tedious, or if you access GUID’s frequently, you can easily set up a Bookmark in your browser to open a prompt window that presents the GUID and allows you to copy it.

Open up the Bookmarks Manager in any browser and make a new Bookmark – instead of entering a URL, copy and paste the JavaScript below and save. Once in place, you can trigger the action by clicking the Bookmark.

javascript: (window.prompt("CRM Record GUID is :", (new URLSearchParams(window.location.search)).get('id')))
Use a GUID Bookmark

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